BASKET on-line debate

A summary from the BASKET online discussion from 14-26 January 2013 can be found by clicking on the link below
BASKET online discussion summary

The EU BASKET partnership invited stakeholders in all partner countries, and also members of the EBSN (European Basic Skills Network)  to participate in a moderated on-line debate about the professional development of basic skills teachers. The debate took place over two weeks from the 14th to the 26th January, 2013 and focused on two related questions:

  1. Do basic skills teachers need qualifications in teaching adults? Why?
  2. Should basic skills teachers be trained in teaching basic skills in general, or be specialized in one single skill (literacy, language, numeracy or digital competences)?

The BASKET partnership was aware that there is more than one approach to the professional development of basic skills teachers in Europe and that often national approaches are dictated by tradition and the requirements and restrictions of broader education and training systems. The purpose of the debate was to explore and understand the different models and the rationale behind them. We hoped to come to some sort of consensus on these questions, but more importantly the partnership wanted to encourage dialogue across Europe on a subject that is of great importance to us all.

The target group for the debate was:

  • teachers who teach adults in basic skills
  • teachers who teach adults in general
  • teacher trainers
  • researchers, policy makers, managers and administrative staff