Oslo, NO

Partners’ reflection notes  from the first BASKET meeting in Oslo, NO, October 10-11, 2011

NRDC, Institute of Education, University of London, UK

SVEB, Schweitzerischer Verband für Weiterbildung, CH

DIE, German Institute for Adult Education, DE

IREA, Romanian Institute for Adult Education, RO

Regional Centre of Education and Language School Pilsen, CZ

Progress Consult, HU

Education Scotland, UK

The country reports below give an overwiev of the status of continuous professional development for basic skills teachers in the partner countries.

Country report_Norway

Country report_UK_England


Country report_Germany

Country report_Romania

Country report_Czech Republic

Country report_Hungary

Country report_UK_Scotland

The partnership will evaluate the project meetings, the progress and the outcome of the project and also the cooperation and communication in the partnership according to an  evaluation plan. The partnership has also put together a template for a questionnaire to be used for the internal evaluation.