SVEB, Schweizerischer Verband für Weiterbildung, CH

The Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB) is the umbrella organisation for general and vocational adult learning. Membership of SVEB includes private and state schools, associations, canton officials in charge of adult learning, in-company adult learning departments and human resources staff as well as individuals involved in adult learning. SVEB groups over 500 members. SVEB has permanent secretariats in Zurich (head-office), Nyon (French part of Switzerland), Canton of Tessin (Italian part of Switzerland).

SVEB develops innovative projects in the field of lifelong learning for various target groups (low skilled workers and adults that lack basic skills, migrants, women and elderly people). SVEB has also developed and currently runs a professional “train the trainer system” and a quality system for adult education providers (eduQua). Both systems are today vital pillars of the Swiss adult education sector.

Furthermore SVEB promotes cooperation among adult learning institutions and creates awareness of the importance of adult learning. For example, SVEB coordinates the annual Swiss adult learner’s week.

SVEB is also involved in various research projects on matters relating to adult learning. The main points of emphasis are the structural and organisational development of the adult education system.

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