IREA, Romanian Institute for Adult Education, RO

IREA is a pedagogic research institute in the field of adult and continuing education, aiming to provide scientific and methodological support for all adult education institutions in Romania and to establish the link between the academics and practitioners in adult learning area. The overall research aim is to improve the quality of the education for adults, and to identify ways to enhance their ongoing participation in learning, and also for strengthening the lifelong learning dimension both at individual and institutional level.

The main research directions within IREA are:

  • adult basic education;
  • workplace learning and key competencies;
  • professionalisation of adult educators
  • social inclusion and active citizenship through education.
  • impact of new media on adult learning
  • inter-generational learning and active aging;
  • developing the concept for different support services offered to adult learners – e.g. counselling in adult education;
  • innovative didactics and delivery

Specific objectives

  • To provide theoretical and methodological support for institutions engaged in adult education in Romania.
  • To connect the work of academics  and practitioners in the field of AE through  participative and applied research and through development projects
  • To initiate and engage in international partnerships focused on the development of AE and to promote the Romanian AE work abroad

IREA roles

  • Interface between theoreticians and practitioners
  • Platform for professionals working in adult education using a wide range of channels: publications (Journal, newsletter), annotated information resources, academic events and the database to be developed (contacts, legislation)
  • Evaluator of resources
  • Assessor of competences
  • Advisor for policies for adult education and educators
  • Consultant for organizational development
  • Provider of training and development for competences specific for adult education

For more information about IREA:

Contact details: Maria Toia

Phone: +40725 225249